The Hub


With a maximum capacity of 850, The HUB is one of the largest venues on campus. It is a hotspot for
concerts, dances, comedy shows and other types of social events at
UCSB. We have two different sized stages available and an expert
service staff to set up the room for most types of events. Special
lighting and sound hook-ups for live music can transform the HUB into a
vibrant night club scene. UCen Catering has a variety of menus available
for any party and we can accommodate events that would like to serve
beer or wine.


Parking is available in Lot 3

Additional Info:

Capacity is listed as 800 but that is only for certain events. Seated events range from 275-375 while non seated events (no tables or chairs) *can be up to 800

*determined by Hub Manager and Fire Marshal on a case by case basis