Revisiting the Classics: Sullivan’s Travels

Preston Sturges’ satirical comic masterpiece Sullivan’s Travels (1941) follows the journey of successful Hollywood director John L. Sullivan, who embarks on a quest for authenticity and enlightenment to prepare for his upcoming film. Weary of creating frivolous comedies and driven by a desire to understand the struggles of the common man, Sullivan sets out on an odyssey disguised as a poor vagrant, encountering unexpected misadventures and friendship with a struggling young actress played by Veronica Lake. Through Sullivan’s earnest pursuit of authenticity, the film not only satirizes the film industry but also offers a poignant exploration of self-discovery that has solidified its status as an American comedy classic.

Director James Hayman will join moderator Patrice Petro (Dick Wolf Director of the Carsey-Wolf Center) for a post-screening discussion for a post-screening discussion of the enduring legacy of Preston Sturges’ Sullivan’s Travels.

This event is free but a reservation is recommended in order to guarantee a seat. Reserve tickets:

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