TOWN HALL with Keynote Speaker Nicholas Kristof “Building a Resilient Community: Turning Adversity into Opportunity”

Monday, April 23, 2018
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM


Assigned Seating

Santa Barbara is the place we call home. We want to celebrate it, nourish it, and above all, see it thrive through engaged citizens and productive dialogue. Part of A&L’s Thematic Learning Initiative, this town hall is an opportunity to hear from specialists, ask questions and participate in a public conversation about a community issue.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and human rights advocate Nicholas Kristof gives a voice to the voiceless. He received his first Pulitzer Prize in 1990 for his coverage of China’s Tiananmen Square democracy movement and his second in 2006 for reporting on genocide in Darfur. His bestselling books Half the Sky and A Path Appears inspired PBS documentary series. A New York Times reporter since 1984 and subject of the HBO documentary Reporter, produced by Ben Affleck, Kristof is a master storyteller with a peerless perspective on the events that shape our world.

“[An] inspiring guide for anyone who wonders what difference a single person can make in building a more hopeful world.” – Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter