“Towards More Reproducible and Unbiased Research”–SAGE Center Lecture by John Ioannidis

Thursday, November 16, 2017
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Free Event

John Ioannidis is the C.F. Rehnborg Chair in Disease Prevention, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Health Research and Policy at Stanford University. Dr. Ioannidis’s empirical work includes meta-research and large-scale evidence (in particular randomized trials and meta-analyses) and appraisal and control of diverse biases in biomedical research. He is interested in developing and applying new research methods, and in the interdisciplinary enhancement of existing research methods for study design and analysis in biomedicine. Some of his most influential papers are those that address issues of replication validity of genetic association studies, biases in biomedical research, research synthesis methods, extensions of meta-analysis, genome-wide association studies and agnostic evaluation of associations, and validity of randomized trials and observational research. The PLoS Medicine paper on “Why most published research findings are false” has been the most-accessed article in the history of Public Library of Science (~2 million hits). In 2010, The Atlantic listed Dr. Ioannidis among its Brave Thinkers and wrote that he “may be one of the most influential scientists alive.”

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