Script to Screen: Austin Powers

Saturday, October 3, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


Free – RSVP (Online)

In this uproarious spoof of the James Bond franchise, international spy and man of mystery Austin Powers (Mike Myers) is awakened from a decades-long cryogenic slumber to confront his old nemesis, Dr. Evil (also Myers). Lodged in the swinging Sixties, but thrown all at once into the late Nineties, Powers must team up with Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) to stop Dr. Evil from obtaining the nuclear weapons he needs to hold the world hostage for $100 billion—all while keeping his overactive libido in check.

With henchmen, fembots, and innuendo to spare, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery quickly became a cultural phenomenon, spawning two sequels, countless Halloween costumes, and just as many cringeworthy impressions. Join the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Script to Screen series as we revisit this most shagadelic of comedies.

Director Jay Roach will join moderator Matt Ryan for a virtual discussion of the Austin Powers trilogy. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

This virtual event will take place on Zoom. The event is free but prior registration is required.

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