ROUNDTABLE: Rethinking Reconstruction

Thursday, March 9, 2017
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Free Event

Jannie Scott (Center for Black Studies Research, UCSB)
“Refashioning Black community in the Wake of Emancipation: Exploring the Landscape Practices of Rural African Americans at Antioch Colony, Texas”
This talk focuses on the community of Antioch Colony, a freedmen’s community located in central Texas, to consider the making and remaking of Black community in the rural countryside during the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras.
Jasmine Yarish (Political Science, UCSB)
“‘Home is undoubtedly the cornerstone of our beloved Republic’: Abolition Democracy, Black Women, and Reconstruction Era Philadelphia”
What were the (political) institutions of Reconstruction extending beyond the South, and how did Black women participate with and engage them? This talk turns to the city of Philadelphia and Black female abolitionists to evaluate the so-called “failure” of Reconstruction and what Du Bois calls “abolition democracy.”
Sponsored by the IHC’s Slavery, Captivity, and the Meaning of Freedom RFG.

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