Pilobolus Dance Theater

Sunday, January 28, 2018
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Assigned Seating

Pilobolus Maximus – Beyond the Limits of Dance: For 45 years, Pilobolus has tested the limits of human physicality to explore the beauty and the power of connected bodies. They bring this tradition to audiences across the globe through collaborations with influencers, thinkers and creators in the world. Pilobolus Maximus takes the most diverse and impactful elements of Pilobolus Dance Theater – some old and some brand new – and assembles them in a series of continually changing worlds. From the irreverence of a wild circus to the physical filigree of their most classical work, Maximus is not only the best of Pilobolus but the most revealing of how diverse and surprising Pilobolus’ work can be.

“It’s as if we’re being given a fleeting glimpse into the inner workings of the universe.” The New York Times

“Your beliefs in the nature of strength, endurance and gravity will not hold. In fact, they will be defied. And every time you think, ‘Whoa, how the hell did they do that?’ they will take it further.” Dance Insider

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General Public $40-$70
UCSB Students $19