Pilipino Cultural Night 27

Saturday, May 5, 2018
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM


General Admission

Every year for the past 27 years, Kapatirang Pilipino of UC Santa Barbara has upheld the tradition of hosting Pilipino Cultural Night—more fondly known as PCN. It is an entirely student-produced culture show in which students compose music, choreograph dances, and write scripts to celebrate their Filipino/Filipino-American culture. The PCN cast and crew handle everything, from the behind-the-scenes logistics to the spoken word on stage. But PCN does not merely take place that one night of performance. It is a year-long project that empowers students to learn about their roots, provides an outlet for their talent and creativity, and transforms them into leaders within their community.

Widely known and anticipated for its showcase of art and culture through dance, drama, and music, PCN continues to educate its own cast and crew along with its audience as it portrays contemporary and historic issues pertinent to the Pilipino-American community and its allies. This year’s PCN shares the invisible Filipino undocumented narrative. Filipino undocumented immigrants hold a unique position; President Duterte of our home country has publicly disowned us and, at the same time, we’re being hunted in the current American administration. Even worse, most undocumented Filipino’s support their families back home. We have no one to turn to but the people; we hope to raise awareness about these issues so we can encourage dialogue, allyship and make undocumented Filipinos, some of whom are our parents and fellow students, feel visible.

PCN draws around 800 audience members comprised of students, faculty, alumni, family, and members from UCSB and the Santa Barbara community. This year’s performance will take place on Saturday, May 5th 2018, at Campbell Hall. Your support of this production would highlight your commitment to supporting student growth in the arts and cultural retention.