Mark Schapiro, “Carbon Shock: Seeking Equilibrium in the Climate-Disrupted Economy”

Thursday, November 12, 2015
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM


Free Event

Scientists describe the climate-havoc wrought on our natural world as the end of ‘stationarity’—a shift of the ecosystem so profound that it is no longer possible to extrapolate into the future from past patterns. Award-winning environmental journalist, Mark Schapiro, takes us on a journey to the tension points where these shifts are vividly underway. From the agricultural fields of California to the Amazon rainforest, from the oil-splattered beaches of Spain to the world’s ‘greenest’ cities, he reveals the accounting sleights of hand that have obscured the costs of fossil fuels—thus creating confusion over the costs of shifting toward renewable energy—and how the struggle to integrate those costs is reshaping the financial and political status quo. When climate negotiators convene in Paris next month, they will be facing this landscape in flux: Schapiro will also foreshadow some of the major areas of dispute and possibility informing the negotiations.