14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez

Thursday, March 8, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Free Event

While the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees citizenship to those born or naturalized in the U.S., this Constitutional right has endured attacks since its passage in 1868, and it continues to be at risk today. 14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez traces these battles from their roots in the struggles against slavery prior to the Civil War, to the fight against the Chinese Exclusion Act in the late nineteenth century, to current anti-immigrant agitation. The documentary focuses on the stories of three families whose courage in challenging the status quo changed history: Dred and Harriet Scott, Wong Kim Ark, and Rosario and Vanessa Lopez.

Director Anne Galisky will join moderator Helen Morales (Classics, UCSB) for a post-screening discussion.

This event is free but a reservation is recommended in order to guarantee a seat. 

Tickets will be released on Thursday, February 15 at 11:00 AM.


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