2020 Winter Opening Reception

Friday, January 10, 2020
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Free Event

Come celebrate the opening of the Winter shows. This event is free and open to the public. Free snacks and refreshments.

Irresistible Delights: Recent Gifts to the Art Collection (Jan. 11 – April 26, 2020)

Since its founding in 1959, the AD&A Museum has been creating a rich and diverse art collection built on aesthetic value and pedagogical import. Over time, this treasury of art has grown almost entirely through donations to include over 10,000 objects. Today, it is regularly mined and brought out for exhibitions, special programs, and most especially for class visits and instructional use. The title of this exhibition, Irresistible Delights, refers to the pleasure found in enriching and working with a unique collection. But, it also points to the reward of amassing works of art that tempt students and faculty to utilize the collection for object-based study and teaching. A peek inside the Museum’s vaults, Irresistible Delights highlights some of the numerous artworks donated to the Museum during the past decade. Focused almost entirely on contemporary and African art, two fields that have significantly increased, Irresistible Delights reveals how and why the Museum’s collection has developed a unique set of criteria and gained appreciation community-wide.

Hostile Terrain 94 (Jan. 11 – Dec. 6, 2020)

WARNING: This event will be upsetting for most audiences.

Hostile Terrain 94 (#HT94) is a participatory political art installation that places names and stories to the thousands of migrants who have perished while crossing the rugged, vast Arizona/Mexico border as a result of the federal border enforcement program known as Prevention Through Deterrence. The installation consists of a 20-foot-long map of the area and is populated with over 3,200 handwritten toe tags, filled out over the course of the exhibition by the public. These tags contain information about those who have perished while migrating. The AD&A Museum’s version of (HT94) is uniquely conceived to include the wall graphic and a combination of videos and images from the desert, audio interviews with migrants, and an assortment of discarded or lost objects that people use to survive the harsh desert environment.

We encourage the community to participate by attending the opening reception, filling out these tags, and considering methods of action to end this policy.

Learn more about the opening reception here: www.museum.ucsb.edu/news/event/814

A round table discussion will be held on January 10 at 4:15pm in the Arts Building, room 1332.